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The Distortion of Television.



2020, 60x60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas

Chase 101120 MD.jpg

"Red Tide"

2020, 60x72in (152x182cm), Oil on Canvas

Red Tide 60x72 SM.jpg
"Cowboy, Obstructed"

2019, 60x48in (152x122cm), Oil on Canvas

Cowboy Obstructed 60x48 SM.jpg

2020, 48x48in (122x122cm), Oil on Canvas

VietMac 48x48 SM.jpg

2018, 60x60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas

Go-Go 082018 SM.jpg

"Three Mao's"

2019, 48x72in (122x182cm), Oil on Canvas

Mao 050319 LG 180.jpg


2020. 60X60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas

Gulls 60x60 SM.jpg

"Blanc du Blanc"

2020, 48x48in (122x122cm), Oil on Canvas

LUX White 48x48 SM.jpg

"Pool Party" -SOLD-

2017, 60x60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas

"Moon Man" -SOLD-

2017, 60x60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas


2020, 72x72in (182x182cm), Oil on Canvas

Howl 72x72 MD.tif

"American Tapestry"

2017, 72x96in (182x244cm), Oil on Canvas


2018, 72x96in (182x244cm), Oil on Canvas

Ferguson 070418 SM.jpg
"James Dean", (Noose)

2018, 60x60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas

"American Dream"

2018, 60x60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas

"Land of Opportunity"

2018, 60x60in (152x152cm), Oil on Canvas

Opportunity 082018 SM.jpg

"Douglas Stewart is a US-based accomplished artist and undoubtedly one of the finest artistic talents in contemporary art today. Stewart takes us back to the early days of TV communication when often the image was distorted due to interference. Yet, Douglas's works are so much more than just the rendering of this interference.


Firstly, and somewhat surprisingly, they are oil on canvas – not digitally enhanced. They are also large, original and attention grabbing. His art stops you. Spectacular works.


But Douglas' works are not simply re-creations of a TV still. From our memories of events and people, the works also evoke a feeling of disquiet or apprehension. The interference is symbolic of a flaw in the personality of the subject. Mao, Marilyn, Jackie Kennedy... All icons, yet (like us all) not perfect – flawed in some way.


These are spectacular works by an artist who we feel is on the verge of international acclaim. Douglas' works are museum quality images. He is truly an amazing artist".


Anthony Smith, ASART.COM























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